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Quick Overview

VulcanManager is a user-friendly test application for managing the Vulcan Layer 4-7 Gigabit TCP test solutions.

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More Information
Product Name VulcanManager
Description Layer 4-7 Management Software

Quick Overview

  • Wire-speed stateful TCP connection, traffic generation and analysis
  • TLS performance testing with different cipher suites and certificates
  • Application emulation with real-world application traffic mixes enabled by VulcanAppMix
  • Replay captured traffic at scale
  • Configuration and tuning of Ethernet, IP and TCP header fields for advanced traffic scenarios
  • Extensive live stats and test reports
  • Configurable allocation of processing resources to Ethernet test ports
  • Wire-speed traffic capture
  • Switched and routed network topologies, NAT support
  • Export packet capture to industry standard pcap/Wireshark
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