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Dual polarization 90° optical hybrid

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    Product Name COH28-X
    Description Dual polarization 90° optical hybrid
    Wavelength Band C+L
    Insertion Loss < 2.5dB
    IL dual uniformity < 0.5dB
    IL uniformity 1
    Optical return loss > 30dB
    Skew < 1.0ps
    Input Power 300mW
    Signal fiber type SMF-28 ; (PM fibre as an option)
    LO fiber type PANDA PM
    Output fiber type Coreguide SMF-28 ; (PM fibers as an option)
    Size 180x32x19.5mm
    Type Dual polarization 90° optical hybrid
    Phase tunable optional

    Quick Overview

  •  Dual polarization optical hybrid 
  •  enable to extract phase, amplitude and polarization from a signal with any polarization.  
  • phase tunability option in order to perfectly adjust the 90° of the hybrid
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