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SV1C-14 - 14.1 Gbps 8 channels. Instrument & Perpetual PC SW License

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    Product Name SV1C-14
    Description SV1C-14 - 14.1 Gbps 8 channels. Instrument & Perpetual PC SW License
    Series SV1C Series
    Max Data Rate 14.1Gbps
    Min Data Rate 250Mbps
    Tx Channels 8
    Rx Channels 8
    Clock Inputs 1
    Clock Outputs 2
    Differential Voltage Output 20mV - 1000mVpp
    Differential Voltage Input 25mV - 2000mV
    Equalization & Clock Recovery CTLE, De-Emphasis, Analog CDR
    Built-in Jitter Injection SJ, Bandlimited RJ, ISI, SSC
    Pattern Capability Per channel PRBS polynomials 5-31, arbitrary user patterns, nested pattern sequencer loops
    User Programmable Pattern Memory 2Gbyte
    Configuration Instrument & Software

    Quick Overview

  • Highly‐integrated USB based tester that meets the emerging test requirements of increasingly complex electronic component and board designs.
  • Includes Introspect’s ESP award winning software featuring a comprehensive scripting language with an intuitive component-based design enabling the user to quickly access the power and flexibility of the tester.
  • Data rates: 250 Mbps to 14.1 Gbps fully continuous operating range.
  • Lanes: 8 Tx and 8 Rx, independent, differential with per channel adjustment of voltage and timing.
  • Signal impairments: sinusoidal and random jitter, de‐emphasis, skew, and bit slip.
  • DUT TX Measurements: eye-diagram, EQ, analog waveform and jitter generation
  • Parallel: SV1 C tests all your lanes simultaneously - with increasing crosstalk issues, a truly parallel system allows for the most comprehensive “stress test” that is possible.
  • Self Contained: an all‐in‐one system, combining the functions of multiple instruments the SV1C reduces bench space and helps create a portable test and measurement solution.
    Applications include:
  • Parallel PHY validation of serial bus standards such as: PCI Express (PCIe),HDMI, UHS-2, Thunderbolt, MIPI M-PHY, XAUI, CPRI, JESD204B, USB, SATA
  • Interface test of electrical/optical media such as: Backplane, Cable, CFP MSA, SFP MSA, SFP+ MSA
  • Plug-and-play system-level validation such as: PCI Express, Display Port sink/source, MIPI M-PHY
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