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70 GHz Balanced High-speed Photodetector

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Product Name BPDV3120R-VM-xx
Description 70 GHz Balanced High-speed Photodetector
Accessories EVA-BPDV: EVA-BPDV Evaluation kit Balanced detector PPS-03-B: Power Supply BPDV series
PDL 0.4dB
Bandwidth 70GHz
Type Balanced
Wavelength 1550nm
Skew 2ps
Standard Optical Connector FC/PC
Standard Electrical Connector VM

Quick Overview

  • 70GHz typical bandwidth
  • Unsurpassed high-power capability
  • Detection of 64Gbaud x-QAM signals
  • Unique on-chip biasing network

  • Transmission systems up to 1Tb/s
  • Coherent Test- & Measurement systems
  • Research- and Development systems
  • Microwave photonics
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